Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Album Review: "Pineapples and Ashtrays" by Beninghoves Hangmen

Pineapples and Ashtrays
Life goes in strange circles.

In reading a historical tome on The City of New Orleans, jazz came up many times.

The story of that city is largely told through the music itself. It's interesting how hearing about something enough can make a person become interested in something that doesn't normally turn their crank.

Jazz is certainly not among my favorite musical genres and to the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in my personal collection that could be described in any way as jazzy.

Although, this weekend past, my wife did grab a record that included The St. Louis Blues at an estate sale, but she may have been inspired by the NHL Playoffs...LET'S GO BLUES!

Beninghoves Hangmen
So, all this time over the past few weeks and what arrives in my daily mail but a jazz record.

Well truth be told, this is a "creeptastic surf noir" record, but I have no idea what any of that means, so we're going with jazz.

Precisely the object of my affections at precisely the right time.

Staring off, there's some serious confusion in the band on this record.

The trumpet player hasn't realized that he's not a guitarist and the guitarist hasn't quite realized that he's not in a metal band.

What that does is create a very interesting style of music. It's bluesy, jazzy, and a bit thrashy here and there. Honestly, it never struck me as surf anything, save maybe the pineapples on the cover.

Perhaps it was merely the serendipity of timing, but Pineapples and Ashtrays arrived at just the right time for me and filled the hole perfectly.

Put this on in your car, put the windows down, and just drive around for about three or four listens and tell me that you're not changed.

Please note that this review was written while the Blues were still in the playoffs at were leading the Chicago Blackhawks 1-0 and hopefully they're still playing while you're reading this.

Release: 5/13/16
Genre: Jazz
Label: DIY

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