Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Album Review: "As The Crow Flies" by A Rebel Few

As The Crow Flies
The past is something hard to fathom.

My entire life I have been obsessed with the idea and concept of time. Frankly, it's caused some serious issues for my enjoyment of the present.

Have you ever sat there during an event that you were waiting seemingly eons to attend? During my youth, there were times spent picturing myself looking down at the baseball diamond at Busch Stadium in anticipation of watching the Cardinals take the field.

We went to a game each year so it was a given that this would happen. That's how I contented myself during the waits, but then while sitting in those horrible red seats, the idea that this baseball game was only a three hour diversion crept in, possibly ruining my enjoyment, but who knows.

A Rebel Few
What if a modern metal band had a foot in the past?

Remember all those times being a bit cocktailed at a show, maybe in a club or the lawn at your local shed?

If we were guessing, the music was probably a mix of danceable rock tunes with anthem styled choruses featuring wah drenched guitar solos and a frontman not wearing a shirt belting out god only knew what, because Busch Beer goes down smooth as a mountain stream.

A Rebel Few remembers those years and instead of being contented with listening to Van Halen, Pantera, and Aerosmith simultaneously, they've chosen to create a brand of music that takes elements from all of them.

That beauty Pantera drum sound, it's here, but lacking the spider armed antics of Vinnie Paul, which is a good thing.

That David Lee Roth style of singing it's hear, but most likely the vocalist typically wears a shirt, but not having seen them after a sixer of Molson Export Lager, who could be certain?

This is straight ahead, no frills rock that pays homage to the elders while creating their own thing. They're looking forward while remembering what happened before.

Time is a funny thing.

Release: 4/15/16
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Label: DIY

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