Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Album Review: "Titanomachy" by Imperium

Considering how long the word has been in our vocabulary, it's hard to believe that "multitasking" was not one of the original words in the English language.

It's also quite possible that my memory is getting hazy.

Between the Blues playoff series win versus the Blackhawks and my neck spams, concentration and rational thought are at an all time low.

It doesn't feel like there are too many bands that are able to multitask well on their songs. Of course we've heard bands that are able to switch between styles, but that's not what I mean.

Singing and playing guitar is a great example of being able to do two separate things at the same time. Why doesn't anybody do this with music?

Black Sabbath is the beginning of metal.

Every single metal band in existence pay some homage to Black Sabbath whether they know it or not.

But what about death metal?

The riffs, the gloom, and the sludge of Sabbath (and later Doom/Stoner Metal) rarely make their way into death metal.

With the hyper fast picking and solos faster than the speed of sound, it's nearly impossible to toss in that sludgy goodness.

Imperium is able to incorporate both of these elements into one big slab of death metal. True, the main riffs are of the double picked nail gun variety, but there's a small infusion of sludge there and the hooks oh my the hooks.

Pure Sabbathy Sludge with a touch of Slayer's more artistic side.

This album starts and doesn't stop. Check it out.

Release: 5/7/16
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Ultimate Massacre Productions

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