Monday, April 11, 2016

Album Review: "Perennial Void Traverse" by Reptilian

Perennial Void Traverse
There was a time in the not too distant past when Metal was considered too nerdy for some folks, like Kim Thayil, to relate to.

Personally, as a nerd the Dungeons & Dragons imagery really spoke to me, because that's basically where Black Sabbath started anyway.

After that was considered hokey, metal refocused and became very, very angry. Kirk Hammett's done interviews where he discussed whether or not he was still angry as he's gotten older.

But  more and more metal is finding new inspiration and the howls of anguish, which are ever so prevalent, are now even beginning to give way to the screams of the insane.

If nothing else, this seems a pretty rational progression if you ask me. In 1975, metal guys were all nerds. In 1980 we got angry for not being accepted. Later on, we became sad because we still didn't rule the world. Now, we've been driven insane.

From the home of the Norse Gods come Reptilian.

Their blistering, lo-fi debut will leave you as puzzled while it ensnares your imagination.

At no point could I tell you precisely what they are trying to do.

During the course of the six tracks Reptilian meander through all make and manner of metal.

From low-fi feedback, to dirty bass lines, and the requisite jackhammer drums. Reptilian have truly explored the space provided by the studio.

The guitars sound like meat grinders during the rhythms and then reach out into azure melodies. Perennial Void Traverse has a delightful drum sound.

Continually, I heard the sweat and desire of a 16 year old drummer trying to sound better than his heroes in the basement...who's succeeded admirably. The ambiance of the recording is palpable.

While the music plays and sears, the howling occurs. Rancid pleas for help rip through the sonics to chilling effect.

Reptilian is another band who've knocked it out of the park on their first pitch. I will await my opportunity to see them live here in the United States.

Release: 4/22/16
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Edged Circle Productions

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