Friday, July 14, 2017

Split LP Review: "Unto Heretic Flames" by AK-11 and Aasgard

Unto Heretic Flames
Remember all that beef stew I couldn't shut up about last year?

Crockpot Stew, when miso or gravy are added to the broth, is one of the best meals on the planet.

One of the things that makes it so great is that, unless you're eating out of a can or plastic container, beef stew can't just be had at will.

It has to be planned out. The hours upon hours of cooking it make it difficult, and slightly rare.

Music that takes time to gel is always interesting. Unto Heretic Flames was not something that could be listened to once and then be reviewed. This music required rumination.

Aside from the standard black metal things, what were they trying to say? What are they trying to accomplish here? Why did these two bands team up to release a split LP?

First and foremost, both of these bands, and frozen blood industries need to be commended for actually titling this split release. In the past little while, there's been more than one split LP that's passed through my hands.

Some on vinyl, some on CD, and some just digital. It's an interesting art form really. Sides A and B need to be similar enough to be on the same record, but they have to be different as well. It's a balancing act.

The similarities start with both of these bands being Power Black Metal Bands. (That's right. Glacially Musical is coining yet another musical term: Power Black Metal.) These groups are over the top heavy.

The riffs alone would most likely smash through a brick wall, and let's not even get into the drumming.

They are different, but it's hard to say AK-11 is this and Aasgard is that. AK-11 has melodic breaks and solos, but Aasgard has created a side that blooms like a flower.

They are different and they are the same. At first glance, AK-11 is the more polished, but Aasgard is the more progressive.

But at second glance, it's possible to flip the adjectives....

Release: Out Now
Genre: Power Black Metal
Label: frozen blood industries
Formats: CD/Digital
AK-11 Facebook
Aasgard Facebook

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