Monday, July 24, 2017

Top Five: Tim Kenefic of Death on Fire

As a writer, it's always interesting to see how songs, albums, and careers are built. Seemingly, I lack whimsy because it's easy to get jaded.

Seeing how the sausage is made though, is extremely interesting.

In that vein, we have another top five playlist from Tim Kenefic of Death on Fire.  Perhaps you recall the track we streamed awhile back? If not, refresh yourself HERE.

Heartwork by Carcass

This album combines the best of Carcass' early grind and raw delivery with a melodic sense that redefined the genre for me. 

Symbolic by Death

What more needs to be said. This album has everything. Pioneering the scene Death combined technicality and top notch melodic phrasing. This could be my number one if not for sentimentality. Crystal Mountain!!!!!

Domination by Morbid Angel

I have always liked Morbid Angel's early work. This album is a bit more mainstream by death metal terms but it has some of the best riffing for anyone wanting to get into the scene. This was my first death metal album. 

Surtur Rising by Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth is the standard for me. They are aggressive and melodic and drive through their songs like a bulldozer. 

Monolith of Inhumanity by Cattle Decapitation

I came late to the game on these guys. Amazing voice fun music. This is great stuff.

Note: There are two vegan death metal bands on this list.

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