Monday, July 24, 2017

LP Review: Self Titled by Hell

In these current days, my family is attempting to be healthier.

The wife is dragging me along into movement.

Ever since giving up hockey, the life led by me has been rather sedentary. Yes, clearly this is not an optimal lifestyle for one who's been living in an existential crisis since swearing off organized religion.

The climate inside my noggin has gotten even stranger than normal now.

Before, it was only the icy breath of Death that harangued my consciousness repeatedly. Death is no longer solitary in the this mess. The cheery, vice-like grip of life is now squeezing into the very small space that Death has chosen to un-occupy.

As time moves, they move. When one leaves a square inch available, the other moves into it. This is a difficult situation as the crushening is now coming from more than one place.

Probably Not Hell, but who knows?
Unlike Hell, they are opposites.

The mortal squeezing of Hell's debut record is slightly different.

Pain and suffering, bleakness and isolation...these are the active squeezers. When the pain gets to great, we retreat into our isolation.

After we suffer too much and can bear no more, there is nothing to see. The landscape has undergone full nuclear winter.

Hell oozes boa constrictor like thickness.

The fuzz guitars swirl just a little, but it's not a Uni-Vibe swirl. It sounds more natural. It's an ambient shaking. Perhaps the pain is too great to simply hold the notes?

Never before have swirling notes been such a perfect fit for the music. Jimi (the Uni-Vibe Master himself) never had such pressing music. He was open and loving. His music felt happier with the shaking, but this is not that sort of album.

It's cold. If you're watching the fall of mankind, this is the soundtrack.

Release: 8/11/17
Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Formats: LP/Cassette/Digital

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