Monday, September 10, 2018

5 Min Origin Stories with No Gods

No gods
Right now, No Gods are out there helping all of us. 

No Gods are visiting your temples and No Gods care for your everlasting soul. No Gods speak about life in the modern day.

No Gods released an album this summer called Paradise. No Gods are a death metal band featuring a strong hardcore punk ethos that oozes into the mix.

No Gods started off their existence, not as a band, but like us before No Gods were exalted above all others.

The stage is the ultimate extolling surface. No Gods grace the stage as they do the grooves on their album, but let's talk about the time before No Gods existed and how they came to be....

1. Is there an event you can point to you that made you say, wow, that's the instrument I want to play? Not like guitar or drums, but the reason why you play the model you do?

I got really into Rockband the video game in like 07-08. The songs in that game really hit me hard, it was like a gateway into a world of music i never knew existed. 

Fast forward a couple of years, I had been to a bunch of local basement shows and got turned on to the underground hardcore/death metal scene. 

The riff power and overall feeling of those bands and those songs are what really made me say "this is what i want to align my sound with". 

2. How do you write a song?

We've come in to a sort of formula when it comes to writing that's really worked for us. Richie or myself bring a main riff or idea of a song to the table and then all four of us continue to build on that original idea.

Whether that process takes days or hours is completely up in the air. We've spent days and days on a song; tweaking it and molding it to what we want and other times it's taken us no longer than an hour of just riffing back and forth to write a full song. 

3. How many concept records do you own? Could you ever write one?

Personally, my go-to concept records are Warp Riders and Dopesmoker. As far as us writing a No Gods concept album, nothing is off the table. 

I can see us reaching the point, artistically, where tackling something as big as a concept album is the naturally next step for us and/or we find an original idea were passionate about to explore musically. As for now, we're gonna keep trying to hit people with the best, straight foreword, aggressive, and unapologetic material we come up with.  

4. Who's influence is most evident in your music? The least?

That's always been a difficult question to try to answer since each of us listen to such a wide and varying range of music that can influence our sound.

If I were to limit it to one artist who's sound has influenced a lot of our music it's have to be Slayer. They're just undeniably one of the greatest to ever do it and we'd be honestly dumb to not take some influence from them.

As far as the artists who influence's us the least? Uh, can't say someone like Luke Bryan and his music really plays a part when we're writing blast beat parts to song's about serial killers.

5. Which one of your songs is the one your the most proud of?

All 8 of the new songs on our most recent album Paradise. 

6. Sum up your latest record for us. 

Our latest record, Paradise, is eight straight tracks of straight raw, and unwavering aggression. Nothing really more to say about it, it's our best and angriest material yet.

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