Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Hometown Tales with Anisoptera

Let's check back in with the Bay Area Metal Post Horde, Anisoptera.

Robby Perry is from the city of Oakland, made famous-er by the flick, Sorry To Bother You. OK, he's not precisely from there, but from San Lorenzo.

Before you get too comfy, jump over to Bandcamp and check out their latest album.

Now that we have an idea of where he's from, let's have him tell us all about it.

Here we go.

1. St. Louis City is my hometown. I've lived here for most of my life in and around the city. Where are you from?

San Lorenzo is where I grew up, it's literally right smack in the middle of the Bay Area, between San Jose and Oakland, in California.

2.We have three things that don't really exist anywhere else: the slinger, the gooey butter cake, and toasted ravioli. Tell me about your hometown delicacy.

There's nothing like street/market Mexican food, you can literally find hole in the walls anywhere and have the best burrito of your life haha. 

Also the seafood in the Bay Area is phenomenal, whether you're into scallops, oysters, or chowder there's always a great spot around. 

3. In St. Louis, though there have been others. Our biggest hometown team is the St. Louis Cardinals (formerly the St. Louis Perfectos, nee: the St. Louis Browns, not the AL team that moved to Baltimore.) There is nowhere you can go to escape it. I'm a hockey fan, not a baseball fan, so it's a bit weird to me. Tell me about your hometown's big team.

Although San Lorenzo doesn't have a home team there are some Bay Area greats that folks follow, the Raiders, 49ers, A's, Giants, and the Golden State Warriors.

4. St. Louis isn't really known for any one type of music scene. The biggest acts I can think of to get out of here alive were Gravity Kills, Nelly and the St. Lunatics, and Sheryl Crow. There's always been a vibrant concert scene though. What about where you are?

I feel that the Bay Area is well known for all types of music you have greats like Metallica, Slayer, E-40, Mac Dre, Journey, Mr. Bungle, and so much more!

5. 20 years ago, St. Louis had about 300 murders each year, floods, and all sorts of other fun things. You might have heard about us being named the Murder Capital of the USA. Nowadays, a lot here is 150. But there are lots of parts of the city that are returning to former glory. On the whole, St. Louis is a better place to live today than before. Is there any thing like that where you're from?

Oakland has always had a high crime rate, at a 220% higher crime rate than the state average it has 269% of a national average violent crime rate. 

6. Are you still there?

Born and raised, I've moved away and found myself coming back years ago. Still love it and don't see myself moving anytime soon.

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