Thursday, September 20, 2018

Road Warriors with Jezebel Slade

Jezebel Slade
In the before time, there was a band called Van Halst from somewheresville, Canada. They put out a pretty bad ass record called World of Make Believe.

Now, this is where we define the before time and the now time.

While working on their next project called Jezebel Slade, they have come to the conclusion that it's time to change their name and move forward as Jezebel Slade.

I, as the owner of a pretty terribly named website, wish them luck and courage in making this change from A to B.

In the meantime, let's find out what they're like when they're living out the van.

1. What's the right length for a tour?

If I could tour constantly I would.  After a month it’s nice to take a break then get back out there. 

2. I've heard some great stories about strange ways of eating on the road. What's your trick to keeping your belly full while out there?

Lots of Subway! Keep a cooler of healthy snacks packed in the van with you for sure. Keeps you from eating junk food all the time. 
3. Tell me about the best club you've played? The worst? Names can be left out, or in…whichever.

I played the Whisky A Go Go in LA a number of years back- it was amazing just to be on that stage due to all the history in that building. 

We’ve had some pretty bad shows but all in all we’re grateful whenever we get to play! 

4. Whenever I get behind the wheel of a car for a long drive, I always play a Mitch Hedberg comedy album. What's your routine?

Satellite Radio or podcasts for sure. 
5. How do you settle band fights while in the backseat of the van?
Honestly, this band hasn't had one haha. We’ve been very fortunate that way. We’re all really good friends as well as band mates and can be honest with each other about things that might be bothering us and not let ego get in the way. 

6. Tell us about the best response you've gotten outside of your home town.

We’ve had some amazing shows in Hamilton, ON! Never expected the crowd to be that engaged and so much fun! 

7. Have you ever played in St. Louis?

Not yet but we’re planning on it. 

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