Friday, September 7, 2018

LP Review: "Goat of Iniquity" by Valdur

Goat of Iniquity
This album gave me a serious feeling of Deja Vu.  After cueing up this album, I looked back into the archives to see if Valdur had graced our pages before, and the answer is no.

The press release accompanying this record described them as a death/black quartet out of California.

This description for me is woefully inadequate. They're more of an atmospheric-doom-black-toast postie-metal band. Although the first track held my interest, it seemed, ab it bland.

As Goat of Iniquity / Devouring the Whore of Darkness started rolling in with more of the same, my desire to write up the album waned a bit, though again, it was still a decent song and it was shaping up to be a decent record, if even vinyl worthy LP. It's hard for me to write up that kind of album you see.

But...when the sameness was splitting at the seams, a line of color came through. The colors that came through here and there became the most important parts of the songs. The anticipation for the next one grew exponentially. The monotony became a member of the group and created musical tension.

Be sure to check it out when you can.


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