Monday, September 17, 2018

LP Review: "Spaceman" by Ace Frehley

Kiss, like Pink Floyd has had two camps over the years.

On one hand, you have the sound of the band and on the other it's the brand name. In both cases, the trademarked name has always done better financially, but not necessarily musically.

Back in the day, Frehley's output has always been superior to that of Kiss. From Frehley's Comet vs Crazy Nights to Space Invader  vs Monster. Let's not forget that between those bookends, the spectacular Anomaly was released.

Artistically, Ace has done very well.

When you look at Spaceman, which has Gene Simmons's fingerprints all over it, it feels like a modern day Kiss album...meaning, it's basically the lowest common denominator. Even the title reeks of it. Spaceman? There's almost naught to do with space on this record and certainly nothing to do with aliens.

Then there's the the songs, Bronx Boy, Rockin' With The Boys, Your Wish Is My Command, etc. These songs are simply rehashes of former glories... Hard Times, Beth, What Every Girl Wants. There are some very good riffs on this record, but nary a good song...and let's not get started on the vocals.

No, let's. Ace kind of sounds like his mouth is full of peanut butter.

The final insult of this album is that Ace Frehley has become his own personal Tommy Thayer. Not only is Frehley rehashing the past lyrics, but he's also rehashing his solos. There's very little on this album that you haven't already heard.

Excuse me whilst I spin Anomaly and Frehley's Comet instead.

Release: 10/19/18 EOne

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