Thursday, December 3, 2015

Album Review: "Anxiety Never Descending" by Kult Mogil

Anxiety Never Descending
When I was very young, I was watching an episode of Solid Gold or Star Search, and the host was talking about a talented young artist up next.

I was confused.

To me, artists drew pictures, painted, sculpted, etc and then I saw it was a singer. So, I rightly, assumed they painted on the side.

I didn't know then that music is an art form. It's kind of funny, music is the only art where saying it's artistic is a compliment.

Kind of like how in American Football it's the only place were calling an athlete athletic is a compliment!

I suppose it has something to do with how many more people make a living off of music, or at least used to. Music, like all art forms, is a method of expression and Poland's Kult Mogil has a lot to express.

Kult Mogil
What kind of metal is this? I'm honestly not sure. I was told they had traits of old school death metal and they do, but the drums don't thunder as much as they crash.

The guitars are fuzzy and feedback. The vocals sound more European and in the background.

There are solos full of anxious energy... What is this?

If you're watching a thriller, do you want to feel comfortable and smart?

Or would you rather feel like there's something not right and overwhelmed at the denouement?

Kult Mogil, our new friends from Poland, will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Over the course of the six tracks, it feels like they're trying to push a square peg into a round hold.

The music is off, it's not right, it's smothering, but it's so very satisfying. This entire album is anxious and insane.

The music is smothered unto itself. With raging ferocity and pure aggression, this album left me unsettled.

Start to finish, it was gritty, painful, and captivating.

Release: 12/24/15
Genre: Metal
Label: Pagan Records
Bandcamp Link

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