Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Interview: Adrenechrome

Last week, I published my review on a newer band from The Fabled Canadas, Adrenechrome.

From the moment the CD started, it was clear that this band was different, unique, and on fire.

There is so much I would love to know about this band, but for the record they are from Orillia, Ontario and Tales From Adrenechrome (order here) was released this past week on November 27th.

It's their third release.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get one of the folks in the band to take some time out of their busy schedule to answer the goofy questions I was able to pen.

Glacially Musical: How did you guys get your start?

Adrenechrome: We got started in early 2009. Chris( Guitarist/Vocalist) and myself started jamming a few riffs that he had been working on and we clicked pretty quick. 

Shortly after Timmay (Guitarist) and Mike (Bass) who had played in previous bands with Chris joined forces with us. 

A few riffs and a few laughs later and after many different band name ideas we settle on the name Adrenechrome.

GM: What do you think the five most important albums are and tell me a bit about each one.

AD: Well, I’m sure it’s different for all of the boys. 

But, I’ll try to speak for them as well as myself:

Black Sabbath- Self titled
Metallica- Master of Puppets
Pantera- Far Beyond Driven
Blue Oyster Cult-Fire of Unknown Origin. 

I think these albums, in terms of what we have written as a band are extremely influential. 

Each has a very classic sound musically and production wise, not to mention we just all dig listening to each one of these records on a daily basis. To be honest there are a bunch more could list but, we’d be here all day.

GM: Are you planning a tour down to the States in support of "Tales?"

AD: At this point, I don’t think a States tour is in the books. 

We’re looking to plan one for 2017. In support of ‘Tales...’ we will be touring the west and east coast of Canada in the spring and  fall.

GM: What kind of gear are you guys using?

AD: Tim and Chris ( Guitar) are both Gibson guys, SG and Explorer. 

Mike (Bass) Has a couple different basses he uses. A Music Man Sting Ray and a G&L. 

In terms of amps, Tim and Chris both use Marshall cabs and Marshall JCM800 heads. 

Mike is using  Ampeg cabs and an Ampeg SVT head. For drum gear I’m using an old set of Yamaha Stage Customs. 

I use a Tama brass starphonic snare and tama Iron cobra pedals. Cymbals are a mixture of Sabian and Zildjian. In the studio it differs on what we use. But, this is what we’re touring with for the most part.

GM: I'm describing your music as kitchen sink gumbo metal, because you've thrown everything in there...how do you describe it?

AD: I think that term fits pretty well for this album at least. 

We’ve been labeled as many different genres and mixes. One that always some what stuck with me was the Progressive/Thrash one. 

I guess because it made us sound sophisticated.

GM: What's the last album you bought? 

AD: The last album I bought was the new Between the Buried and Me album ‘The Coma Ecliptic’CD. 

Unreal band, and their new album blew my mind. Most certainly worth a listen. 

The last one I purchased via Bandcamp was an album called ‘Moonlover’ by a band called Ghost Bath. 

Beautifully, haunting black metal from North Dakota.

GM: Vinyl, CD, or digital? What's your personal and professional preference?

AD: I find nowadays I purchase a lot of digital albums via bandcamp. 

It’s super convenient and I love what the site is all about. But, in the end I’ll always be a vinyl guy.

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