Friday, December 11, 2015

Album Review: "Sharp Weapons" by Sharp Weapons

Sharp Weapons
What's in a name?

Is being called Metallica what made them so metal?

What about Pink Floyd? None of them were named Floyd and they were a pasty lot weren't they?

I don't think Slayer actually goes put and slays things. Led Zeppelin was neither made of lead nor a zepplin, and their music certainly went over far better than a lead balloon didn't it?

Slaughter sounds like the name of a metal band full of ferocity, angst, and ripping guitar solos, but we're left wanting on all of those aren't we?

Sharp's subject is from the faraway land of Kansas City. I honestly don't know if we're talking about KCK or KCMO, so we're just going to leave it at Kansas City.

Let's get on with it.

The Bearded Men of Space Station 11!
I cannot tell you where these men got their name.

I can only tell you that the name they have chosen to adorn themselves with is more than apt.

The guitars are sharp sounding.

I believe if we were sitting too close when one of those riffs was going off, we'd be lucky to only lose an inch or two of our hair.

The often do I talk about drummers...were amazing.

This is what Lars Ulrich would sound like if he had far better skills.

Rarely do the drums sneak into the riffing with the guitars and bass, but they did here.

Going up and down with thunder, always with the thunder. Even the bass guitars have a little flair to them. When there's an empty spot, in sneaks the bass an fills it up expertly.

This band becomes metal infused post punk because of the vocals. Stashed squarely behind the back beat. They yowl and wail. It's a strange dynamic.

Sharp Weapons is surgically precise while being tragically loose.

Release: 5/27/16
Genre: Metal
Label: Static Tension
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