Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Album Review: "Black Blood" by Black Blood

Black Blood
How many wolves have you killed?

What about the Mountain Trolls?

Is Mount Doom near Turku?

This is my imagining of Finland. This is wholly ignorant and inappropriate I know. Sweden is a wonderfully modern, urban, civilized, and sophisticated society...

It's fun to think about all of the bands that have come out of Scandinavia and Sweden especially, but what I picture in my head is what my friend posted from his trip to watch the Blues open the season against the Detroit Red Wings there because those teams had about forty seven Swedes between them....

Black Blood in black and white.
I was told that I would love this band if I was a fan of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, you know...all those huge bands that everybody loves because it's impossible not to?

Well, Black Blood doesn't sound like any of them in any quantifiable way!

That's cool.

First off, there's the vocals. They're dirty and full of grit. I'm not sure if he's putting glass or gravel in his throat before breaking out his amelodic verses that are just so matter of fact they're impossible to hate.

The swagger and thump of rock'n'roll is here. He's waving the flag high, except when things get heavier...

Remember the related if you like bands? Well, Let me take it back a bit. There's a little Metallica riffing there. When they're ready, the guitars do burst out of the speakers like smoke on the water...or a turbo lover...and they bark like a black dog? (MOVING ON)

They're so fuzzy it's glorious. None of the aforementioned guys were fuzzy at all. The wah wah pedal also makes periodic visits to fill our eyes with the northern lights.

This album never stands pat and it is always in search of new azure sky under a new sun. Hear one track and you'll need them all.

Release: 1/22/16 (Worldwide)
Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Inverse Records
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