Thursday, December 31, 2015

Album Review: "Alma" by Löbo

Many people will tell you about how they love music.

That they only listen to good music or that they don't care about genre.

What makes a genre of music? What makes something music?

How can we define three simple chords to be a song, or millions of songs for that matter. G-C-D...that's an easy on isn't it?

There comes a time when people seriously are willing to kick off the shackles of genre and mainstream music, well not many people I suppose.

Löbo is a band from Libson, Portugal. Alma is their upcoming release. Exactly who and what Löbo are is something beyond my understanding.

Löbo, as stolen from their Facebook Page.
More than what makes a genre...

What makes a song?

Alma, it seems to me, has no songs on it.

There's certainly no shortage of content, though short on the number of tracks, it's long on sound.

If something could be steeped in Pink Floyd, Mozart, and Ahab, it would probably be Löbo.

The songs, for lack of a better term, are exceedingly slow and dense.

It makes Ahab look positively expedient.

Percussion is used, but only for accents. Long, flowing guitar chords dominate the landscape with assists from keys and electronic samples.

The guitars meander into position and the keys dot the I's and lasered squirts of electronica cross the T's as the world flows by.

Perhaps, it's because it has been unseasonably rainy here, but listen to this album in the rain, but make sure you take the time to hear it.

Release: 2/13/16
Genre: Ambient
Label: Signal Rex
Facebook Link

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