Friday, December 25, 2015

Album Review: "Blackened Visions" by The Lumberjack Feedback

Blackened Visions
There was a time when you could walk into a record store and see a logo and know if you'd have any interest in that band by just what label put it out.

For me...Elektra Records was a big one. Two of my favorite bands were on that label: Metallica and The Doors.

They were both there from a bygone age though. That was when there was an owner of Elektra, Jac Holzman. If memory serves, he personally signed The Doors.

Nowadays though, it's harder and harder to do that in a record store. Especially since the big labels are all about Adelle, Katy Perry, etc.

Recently, in the big store in my city, I looked for stuff I was interested in on vinyl from my favorite labels, and I didn't find a single record by any of those labels. That's why I buy them through their online stores I suppose....

The Lumberjack Feedback are French...and look damned hip.
Kaotoxin Records out of France though...I know that I'm interested in anything they put out.

The owners and I?

We have similar tastes.

So, here's their latest release by The Lumberjack Feedback.

To begin with...this album is five stanzas of verse short of being the best concept album I have ever heard.

Fuzzy, dark, dissonant, and stirring. This album, though it could be taken in smaller bites, is a series of movements that create strong images in mind. Now as I'm on my second time through while I write, I'm seeing something different than the first time.

From a deserted house to a smoldering battlefield...It would be easy to see anything in this progressive, fuzz laden, hook filled, sludgefest of an instrumental album.

No story is voiced, but their guitars speak to us.

In a world full of beautifully played, technically mastered, records of instrumental music, Blackened Visions will stand out in its ugliness and truth.

Release: 1/15/16
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Kaotoxin Records
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