Monday, December 21, 2015

Album Review: "Kemerov" by Kemerov

You know what?

I missed my calling.

No, I don't mean I should have come of age in the Seventies and worked on Rolling Stone when it was cool (shots fired!), but I should have been born in the pre-dark ages.

Being a smart guy that understands things sometimes go together when everyone says they don't, like red miso and pot roast for example, I would have been the best damned alchemist in Europe.

I tell you now, I would have turned lead into gold, unlike the long, long line of failures that didn't see how far they had to go in order to get it done.

It seems like all those alchemists now are all into heavy metal and about every genre of music out there. Heavy metal is always the start though. Kemerov, from Serres, Greece, is no different.

Founding members, Matt Karampalios and Giorgos Tsapkinis had this idea that Black Sabbath ideals could be fused with 90's Death Metal.

Then the alchemy happened.

This EP burns slowly. A chemical reaction, unless you're using Na or K, doesn't always start right away.

It's a slow burn that once it takes off...boom and Kemerov is no different.

Once the fire is burning, it's clear who believes in what. Guitarist, Tsapkinis, is well rooted in 70's arena rock. Riffs like you've read about played with more hooks than Times Square in the 70's.

Once the riffing ends, blues based solos that would make Ace Frehley blush start coming out and exploding through the speakers.

Vocalist, Karapalios, is brutal and gritty. He's the voice of a barren world seeking meaning. He's the death metal link here.

The line up is rounded out on bass with Spiros Diamantidis and Tasos Diamantidis on drums.

I have two complaints:

1) They're far more Thin Lizzy or Kiss than Sabbath.

2) This EP is an EP and not an LP. Make an LP.

One more thing. I have a bandcamp download code for this excellent EP. Tell me why you want it in the comments and I'll email it to you.

Release: OUT NOW!
Genre: Death'n'Roll
Label: DIY
Bandcamp Link
Facebook Link

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