Friday, January 1, 2016

Album Review: "Beyond" by Bosque

In my halcyon days, my cousins and I would head to what we called the common ground.

Back in that little patch of the suburban neighborhood of which we lived, there was a creek full of fish, frogs, and poisonous cotton mouth vipers.

Just behind said creek though, there was a patch of woods. Those woods held such beauty for us.

We would explore them for hours upon hours. We'd travel the creek looking for crawfish to capture.

This is probably something that I wish my daughter will have experienced when she grows older, but I think her childhood will be wonderful, though different, because we live in the urban center of St. Louis.

Many times, I think back to those woods though.

Bosque means forest or woods in both Portuguese and Spanish by the way.

Our hooded friends are from Portugal, so it's safe to assume they think it's a Portuguese word.

Their name is very befitting of their sound.

Think back to the days when you explored the woods around your house, or your friends' houses.

Unless you lived in Appalachia, they most likely started off thin and grew denser as you wandered farther in.

Beyond starts off thin with ringing chords. When minute after minute ticks off of the first track, you'll start to notice more of the songs themselves.

The chant like vocals in the background, the melodic guitars intertwining with the drums and crushing chords, and the dirty guitars all become indispensable parts of the landscape, but only after you've crossed into the thick.

The songs are slow, long, and simple, but they'll tingle your spine as you journey with your friends who have been there before.

Release: 2/1/16
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Dunkelheit Productions
Bandcamp Page (Preorder)

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