Monday, January 11, 2016

Album Review: "Ice Grave" by Spinebreaker

Ice Grave
When the mountains crumble the sea...I heard that Led Zeppelin song last night.

That lyric resonates with me. When they crumble, there will still be music, but it's undergoing a constant evolution.

No two players are the same and no two acts will play song the same way, even the best of the best of tribute acts can't replicate things perfectly.

When each generation puts their own take on something, it changes and sometimes dramatically.

Metal is very sensitive to this and has changed greatly. After being born of the blues and psychedelia, the half-brother of rock'n'roll, it was then disowned by the parents. Each year, we see new kinds of metal, because it's always moving.

Always moving.

Today's review is a perfect example of today's death metal.

The guitars are heavy, thick, and lacking those over the top, kick ass, super shred guitar solos that I love so very, very much.

In their place is even more gain and melodic fills and hooks.

It's so strange to hear metal with hooks isn't it?

The vocals sound like they're coming out of a blown speaker in a 1980's boom box.

Yet they remain very articulate, by extreme metal standards.

The drums are amazing. Blast beats have become so ubiquitous that many bands these days don't even bother to play them, but use triggers. Spinebreaker....they can look back at metal drumming from say, 1987 and remember that even the thrash metal gods of drumming didn't play double bass all the time.

The feel and power of the drums creates a whole other dimension to this already dynamic band. The members have created a record full of peaks, valleys, and cliffs to fall off on.

Release: 1/15/16
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Creator-Destructor Records
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