Friday, January 15, 2016

Album Review: "All Is Dust and I Am Nothing" by Slaves BC

All Is Dust and I Am Nothing
One of my all time favorite characters in television is Arnold Judas Rimmer from the English show, Red Dwarf.

Rimmer is one of those people that we all know at work.

He's absolutely horrible. He, in equal parts, overestimates his intelligence and knows that he's truly a stupid person.

He fully knows he's a spineless coward, but longs to be brave and thought of as a hero.

Through all of this, and though he does finally become a hero (albeit briefly), he believes that he's going to fulfill his life long dreams of being an officer.

He truly sees himself as being hardwired to be a general in the military. That he could lead legions of soldiers to victory. Over the course of the series though, he did lead a wax droid army to victory, but he was the lone survivor.

Slaves BC
This album is the result of years of work.

All Is Dust and I Am Nothing was begun in 2012. Here we are, it's 2016 and we finally have a full length LP to enjoy.

Albums written and recorded over the years tend to have an uneven quality about them.

It's typically quite offputting.

This album though, it sounds like a metaphor for boot camp through officer's school.

On the first track, the vocals were all over the place. I honestly considered turning it off, but I stuck it out and as the maggots grew they became men.

In the end, the band is still following behind a slightly insane leader, but the the madness is what colors the music.

Nothing is as dynamic as a madman.

Release: 2/16/16 (with Ltd Edition Vinyl)
Genre: Extreme Metal
Label: DIY
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Preorder Link (live on 2/1)

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