Thursday, January 21, 2016

Album Review: "Feral" by Like Animals

It's fun to see something you have never seen before.

It's just as much fun to see something that you  have seen before, but only once and a long time ago and this second coming isn't precisely the same thing, but something that reminds you of it.

Musicians are pack animals.

I read an article last night about how metal is at a crossroads due to eating its own. This point was that metal is demanding too much conformity from the players.

How can bands truly create when they're so busy making sure that they don't stick out? The album covers are the same. The shirts. The logos. The everything.

In music, of any kind, there will always be a problem of there being too much of the same, but what about those bands that refuse to be walled in. These are the bands we should listen to first. Not everyone was brought up the same way.

Like Animals
Our new friends from Ontario are, get this, Melodic Math Rock Metal.

I'm sorry, I'm really lost as to what that is. Is this that famous nerd metal I keep hearing so much about?

Well, not exactly, and not really any nerdier than any other metal.

What I noticed most about Like Animals is they have no pack. They have no home in any other metal subgenre or any mainstream musical genre at all.

In terms of philosophy, they're similar to System of a Down, but they sound nothing like our old friends. They also have the same ability to play stream of consciousness metal and keeping it sounding fresh.

The progressions Like Animals go through cannot be easy to remember.

It's jazzy, rocking,  crushing, super brutal, and normal fair...never at the same time and about a hundred times each during each song.

It's rare that a band can so perfectly name their album, but Feral is just what Like Animals is.

Release: 1/22/16
Genre: Melodic Math Rock Metal
Label: DIY

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  1. Thank you, those are very kind words!
    Sincerely, Jamie from Like Animals