Friday, January 8, 2016

Album Review: "Get On Feelings" by The By Gods

Get On Feelings
You know what's the worst thing in the world?

Gibson Les Pauls.

Seriously, they're two pickup, single cut guitars and completely lacked originality when they were introduced in the early 50's.

There wasn't much about them that wasn't descended from the Fender Telecaster.

Oh, sorry, I was thinking out loud again about my favorite guitar, the Gibson Les Paul. (I have a black Studio personally.)

Today we're checking out should have been 90's pop rock icons, By The Gods. Originally they were a duo out of Nashville, TN until they were joined by a bassist. Now they're a trio. Isn't that neat?

The By Gods

The By Gods feature a strong, thundering, fuzzy bass line that just drives like a F-150 with a full tank of gas.

It never stops.

The drums will stomp your feet for you throughout the entirety of this record.

No matter if anything else here gets you moving, the rhythm section is one of the best out there.

The guitars dance on the razor's edge of natural overdrive and cleans, that the Yardbirds made ever so popular. When the picking gets  nasty, the fuzz comes out.

There are esoteric melody lines interspersed with more traditional, bluesy solos. The thundering chord progressions often give way to single note riffs creating a balance of music that keeps the listener off balance.

The vocals are strained, but very melodic. A convention popularized in the middle nineties.

The By Gods haven't reinvented the wheel, broken new ground, or charted an unknown island, but they have written an album's worth catchy tunes that will have your foot tapping.

Release: 01/22/16
Genre: Pop Rock
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