Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Album Review: "Voix" by Aluk Todolo

I do my best to get down to Powell Symphony Hall on North Grand in St. Louis, Mo.

Orchestral music is so powerful

There are few stars, but many faces. There's the conductor of course, who many, myself included, may have a bit of fun at their expense...

The first violin. I don't quite understand what the star power there is, but they're always mentioned in the program and get an extra special moment to bow.

Then there's the music!

It's big, lush, and as powerful as any death metal concert. There's a reason why metal took on a classical influence in the early 1980's, people.

No one would ever say though, I'd listen to the symphony more if they had someone singing.

Aluk Todolo
Picture if you will...a gravel road in the middle of nowhere.

You're driving with a close friend or you significant other and it's silent.

The lack of light pollution makes everything pop out at you, but your truck breaks down.

Now you're walking down this road...the bright headlights have gone dim.

Now there's a sound behind you...and you're a bit nervous because you can't see anything.

Your SO tells you that you should've gotten that oil change....and you hear something else. Your pulse quickens.


You trip, You fall. You get up and keep going. You've seen this a thousand times in the movie theater. You can't believe this time it's you who's the star. This is not happening you say.

And for the first's true.

Though not a concept album per se and Voix feels like a piece of narrative music to me. Slow and monotonous at times, the crescendo it builds to is worth every minute waiting for its appearance.

Release: 2/5/16
Genre: Metal:
Label: The Ajna Offensive (US)
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