Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Album Review: "Stocial" by Sealclubber

Are you one of those people who loves to have deep conversations about a wide range of topics that actually knows a damned thing about what they're saying rather than parroting what they've heard on their slanted media outlet?

If you're like me, then you know what it's like to talk to those kinds of people. They can't stay on topic because they have nothing of any actual substance to offer rather than repeating something they heard as if it was the final word.

Dealing with these kinds of people can be ever so frustrating and tiresome, but I cannot stop myself from doing it. I'll be honest, I'm a pretty smart guy, but with my OCD....

I can't keep away. If you're like and find yourself engaging with these kinds of people, you've been called every name in the book. Our little parrot friends cannot think for themselves so they cannot begin to understand someone who does or the thoughts they express.


Well that's a name isn't it?

I'm sure there are a great many images that come to mind when hearing that. I suppose they're carrying on the tradition of metal acts incorporating different kinds of aggression instead of that just against humans.

Their newest album starts off with a rambling nine minute opus.

At least, it seems rambling. Now, no one is going to confuse Seal Clubber with Dream Theater or any other sort of prog metal geniuses.

This band though, they seem, well crazy.

I was reminded of John Lee Hooker describing Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson being amazed at how well Wilson could follow Hooker.

That's this whole band. The difference is, following someone on guitar playing irregular patters is a lot easier than following someone singing irregular patters.

The group here is top notch at following their singer. He is literally all over the place screaming the rantings of the one sane man in a crazy universe.

The music here isn't for everyone, but those who can hear it will cherish it for it's beauty, ugliness, power, and emotion.

Release: 2/5/16
Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: Medusa Crush Recordings
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