Monday, January 4, 2016

Album Review: "Disciples of the Storm" by Riffocity

Disciples of the Storm
Music is my favorite art form for many reasons.

Perhaps because seeing a live show incorporates most forms of art: acting, performance, dance, drawing, cinematography, etc.

Maybe it's because most of the musicians I've met in my life have been really down to earth people.

Perhaps it's because it's one of the few art forms I actually participate in, however poorly.

There are so many musical movements and currents in the flotsam and jetsam of the world.

We are all familiar with the groups and cliques of music out there. One place that gives me no real strong images is that of Greece, though I have reviewed some spectacular Greek bands: Biotoxic Warfare, Sorrows Path, etc.

Another Greek band and another band with riff in their name.

Well, what can we expect?

Just like Metallica, this album is full of riffing. There was a time when guitar riffs didn't exist....

As music has progressed the guitar riff has also progressed to include melodies, hooks, and just more.

Riffocity are truly masters of the riff. Never boring and always on time. What really sets them apart from many other bands at their level isn't their riffing, but their guitar solos.

These are the kinds of solos that'll put a tingle down your spine and catch your attention. When those rusty riffs head off into the fields of solos...some immaculate sounds will reach your ears.

Dynamic songs, a growing voice, and some of the best guitar solos I've heard on a metal album in years give Riffocity's EP, Disciples of the Storm, a great feeling.

Check them out.

Release: Out Now?
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: DIY
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