Monday, November 30, 2015

Album Review: "Vol. 1 & 2" by Seer

Vol. 1 & 2
Today we have another opportunity to discuss a debut release.

Seer has only been in existence for just about a year and here we are consuming the first, in hopefully a long line of albums.

I'm not going to make a big deal about subgenres today. They are what they are and that's what they are.

Once again though, we have that, that bit of a residue, a glimmer, a stain.

Seer is stained by their homeland. They live in the Pacific Northwest of Canada.

Vancouver, British Columbia. That's the sort of thing that influences a band more than anything else can. The homeland...

Upon reading the title, Vol. 1 & 2, my first thought was the lack of time to review a double album.

My second thought, after seen the track list, was that the promo was it's only six tracks.

Well the first one clocks in at about eight minutes and that is kind of how this album rolls.

I would call this album estoeric slow sludge metal with some rifftacularity tossed in for metal.

But that's ridiculous. This album is expansive. That's the British Columbia influence right there. Most of us here in the States think of Vanc as the Canadian Florida, but the province is much more than just Vancouver.

The riffs are precise, loose, and a bit funky here and there. The vocals run the guantlet of metal. It's almost as if he was auditioning and forgot that he could pick a singular style...

In 2015, the sound of an album is an easy thing to manipulate and Seer has delivered a spectacularly produced record that you can listen to in about 45 minutes, but it make take a lifetime to hear.

Release: 1/22/16
Genre: Metal
Label: Art of Propaganda
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