Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Interview: Twingiant's Nikos Puts Up With My Inanity

Nikos Mixas, second from left.
For the past forever it would appear....

There has been this idea that decades of metal progression has been wrong and that something was lost in the translation from Black Sabbath's unholy teachings.

Most metal bands today bear no resemblance to them.

Though he is still a huge fan, I can hear nothing of Tony Iommi in James Hetfield's playing.

If you picture Black Sabbath in your mind, likely you will see the four of them, dressed in all black, wearing giant metal crosses, but that is their revisionist history of themselves.

Black Sabbath started out as hippies. They were as much acid rock as Jimi Hendrix, but so many bands took off, in their preconceived footsteps. Nowadays though, we have bands that have hit the reset button and brought back the wah wah into heavy metal.

So, I told you all of that so I can introduce you to Twingiant's Nikos Mixas.

Glacially Musical: Hello, thank you for taking some time for me to answer my inane questions.

Twingiant: That's what we're here for...inane questions.

GM: Starting off small is usually how I do things, so let's start at the beginning. What bands influenced you and how did Twingiant get started?

TG: Twingiant was formed by three dudes that aren't current members anymore.  

I (Nikos) was the second guitarist added to the line-up and Jarrod joined as the vocalist shortly after that.  There were a couple of other line-up changes over the first 3 years and the current line-up has been in place for about 2 years now.  

At the time of formation, the band was influenced by Kyuss, Sleep, QOTSA, Karp and Electric Wizard.  

GM: What do you think are the five most important albums ever recorded?

TG: Depending who you ask, you'll get 4 different answers, but since you asked me, here goes nothing:  

1. Slayer - Reign in Blood 

2. Metallica - Ride the Lightning 

3. Venom - Black Metal 

4. Fleetwood Mac - Rumors 

5. Twingiant - Devil Down

GM: I caught you in St. Louis on your tour and loved the show. Overall how did the tour go?

TG: The tour went as well as one could expect it to go with the massive name recognition that Twingiant has.  

There were really no problems overall and it went as smooth as pug's butt. We had decent turnouts and we didn't go broke, can't ask more than that.

GM: What was the best band you played with?

TG: Without hesitation, that would be Witch Mountain when we played in Denver.  

They were a late addition to the show and they were awesome.

GM: It's hard for me to think of Phoenix, or Arizona in general as very metal. Is there a strong scene out there?

TG: Phoenix is a very spread out city so the "scene" there really mirrors that.  

There is some great talent there and hopefully the rest of the country/world will start to notice that.

What's the key as an independent band to break out of the regional spotlight and into the national one?

TG: Luck and a combination of who you know.  Talent alone doesn't cut it these days.

GM: Devil Down is now nearly a year old. How close are we to the next record?

TG:  Hahahahahahaha....not until next year sometime.  

We're going back into writing hibernation mode and will attempt to turn down every show that is thrown our way...which is easier said than done.  

We have a ton of riffs written but now we need to piece them together and make beautiful Twingiant music.  

GM: Being on the road is an odd experience. What do you have to leave there when you get back into your own bed?

TG: Exhaustion and smelly feet. Our own beds and showers will rid us of those evil attributes. 

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