Friday, November 6, 2015

Album Review: "Revocation of the Blood Elect" by Rex Shachath

Revocation of the Blood Elect
Is there anything more unifying than Death Metal?

There is nothing else I can think of that unifies the populace like this tiny genre of music.

Granted, about 98% of the entire world think it's terrible and horrible noise. It could be argued that those people are just wrong and don't know how to hear the music...

Then we get into some very real unification.

Today's band comes from Northern Ireland, UK.

This is the follow up to their debut EP, Sepulchral Torment. After the end of 2014, they have done little beyond working about this album. As I've not heard the first record....let's just dive into the second.

Rex Shachath
Rex Shachath is a strong willed bunch from an interesting part of the United Kingdom. One that gets quite a bit of coverage....

It's no wonder the band has taken the place in the world they have.

They are angry at the Church, the State, and probably any number of a hundred other things that you can name.

This album reflects that.

Very thick, modern guitars pound along with an audible bassline and powerful drums.

The solos are harsh, beautiful, and severe. The songwriting is interesting. This is, to my ears, very much an old school death metal album, but it has the harsh computer sound of modern metal. As if Carcass recorded an album with Cattle Decapitation's gear and studio.

Niches aside, the five tracks on this album weave in and out of fast and slow. Growled and shouted. Riffed and chugged.

This is pure, angry metal.

Release: 11/20/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Great Dane Records
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