Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Album Review: "Tales From Adrenechrome" by Adrenechrome

Tales From Adrenechrome
Canada is one of my absolute top countries in North America.

If I was able to choose in which country I wanted to live and Japan, The United Kingdom, and Spain were crossed off the list, I would say I want to live in TO. (That's Toronto, Onatario for those of you who aren't up to the latest Canadian slang that Degrassi Junior High The Next Generation, shout out to Jimmy "Drake" Brooks, taught me.

Canada has healthcare, trains, hockey by the hockey bag load. I mean you can't go anywhere in Canada without seeing all sorts of those things.

To top it off, they even have my favorite brand of outdoor football, The Canadian Football League. I mean really, they just have it all up t here.

They've also got more metal than you can shake the whole Sherbrooke hockey stick factory at. So let's snow the goalie and get on with it.

Well, if it wasn't completely obvious, Adrenechrome is from the Fabled Canadas.

I've decided they hail from Thunder Bay, ON because the presser doesn't list a city and that's the most metal name for a city Ontario has.

Years ago, the definition of pornography, stick with me on this, was stated as I'll know it when I see it.

Honestly, isn't that music, and metal to be specific?

Adrenechrome is a band like no other.

I was told if you like Mastodon, Baroness, High On Fire, etc, you'll love Adrenechrome. Frankly, they have more in common with Dueling Banjos than any of those guys!

In 2015, all the chord progressions have been used. There have been no new scales since Steve Vai discovered his two. Amazing guitar work has been a dime a dozen for the past 35 years.

To make your nut in music, and especially metal, you have to be exemplary. You have to be extraordinary. You have to stand out.

Adrenechrome is all that. Their first full length disc has little bits of everything. It's kind of like hearing about 200 different songs over the course of a scant 31 minutes. The music is raw and wriggling.

It will take years of listening to figure them out and I say this to Adrenechrome....

Challenge accepted.

Release: 11/27/15
Genre: Kitchen Sink Gumbo Metal
Label: DIY
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