Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Album Review: "Zealots" by The Deadline Shakes

Sometimes music comes to me and I just find myself thinking, you know I really need to check this out.

Today it's The Deadline Shakes.

They're from my family's ancestral home of Scotland. Glasgow to be precise.

As I'm oft happy to do, I'm introducing them partly because they are a brand new band on the cusp of releasing their first album. Zealots.

I have them on my list of bands to check out. I wrote their name down about a week and a half ago, and I honestly cannot remember why I chose them, just did. As I couldn't remember why I chose this particular album for review, I was not prepared for what came next....

The Deadline Shakes
Many people in the all new music sucks camp often use the line, I've heard this all before.

Of course everything that can be done has been done, same as it was in 1975, but it's about doing things in a new way.

My pot roast is flavored with red miso paste. Neither thing is new, just a new combination.

The Deadline Shakes remind me of my pot roast.

Between their Freddie Mercury inspired falsetto runs and acoustic guitars their synthy acoustic, but electric guitar rockers run the gamut of everything you have ever heard, but in a whole new way.

Touches of American country, European synth pop, and English rock splatter all over this album. The multiple vocal deliveries ensure  Zealots completely lacks monotony.

It will take at least two to three hundred listens of this fine record to venture into every nook and cranny. Enjoy the journey.

Release: 11/29/15
Genre: Pop (I guess...)
Label: Flowers In The Dustbin Records
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