Monday, November 9, 2015

Album Review: "Boroughs EP" by Boroughs

New band.

Old timey music.

Boroughs are a self described Americana roots musical collective from the sunny state of California. (Where else right?)

As we all know, nearly everything under the sun has been done and done many times over. What I'm seeing in the music world these days is a great many bands returning to the roots of music.

Be it 90's Death Metal, 50's Rock'n'Roll, Delta Blues, and so on and so forth, what's old is now new again. As it once was, it always will be.

So, let's check out our new friends. They've only been at this for a year.

My first impression of Boroughs is that in a very short span of time, they have really cemented their sound.

They know precisely who they are and what they do.

Vocally, it's dusty and tired sounding.

I don't mean that negatively, but there's a certain tonal quality in gritty voices and in those of people are exhausted.

How else could one sing Americana without sounding like they just finished hitching down Route 66 from St. Louis to wherever it ends up in California?

The drums are the main focus of the sound and the most audible portion of the music as it plays. Twangy guitar lines sweep across the back end as the vocals shine.

Boroughs have a very nice call and response motif with the guitars and the vocals. There's always an affirmation of the lines by the country sounding melodies.

This is one of the most polished new bands you're going to hear in a very long time. If this is their first attempt, what's their second going to be like?

Check it out.

Release: November 2015
Genre: Americana
Label: DIY

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