Thursday, November 26, 2015

Album Review: "Moving Monoliths" by WILT

Moving Monoliths
What is in a genre?

When the term black metal is uttered in your presence, what comes to mind?

For's people painted up like Kiss, but less cool, extremely vicious vocals like death metal, but less cool, and pounding rhythms that are bolstered by keyboards.

If you're a black metal devotee, you'll probably realize that I'm not a fan of the genre personally.

But perhaps I think of genres as steadfast rules rather a mere set of unwritten guidelines. It's also interesting to see sub-sub-genres of today...let's talk about atmospheric black doom metal.

Remember those things I talked about regarding black metal?

Well WILT doesn't seem very locked into those particular conventions and instead make a new path in the snow.

Black metal to me has always lacked emotion in favor of the brutality, but WILT is full of pain and sorrow.

This is another win for the  melancholy metal movement.

The songs are very long. Upon seeing the track listing, I thought it was just an EP, but this is nearly fifty minutes in length over the four tracks.

This album is not like an album per se, but a window into the mind of a tortured soul. It's often like watching a movie and hearing the score, but not being able to see any pictures.

It's fairly avant garde.

Between the screaming vocals, melodic guitars, and driving rhythms...nearly any fan of metal should be able to see the pictures WILT is drawing.

Release: 11/27/15
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Bindrune Recordings

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