Monday, November 23, 2015

Album Review: "So Damn True" by Miss Mec

So Damn True
Could you imagine twenty years ago, back when I was in high school no wait just graduated, how much different music, and the music industry would be?

Back then it was all blow parties for the labels and the A&R men.
The idea of supporting independent music meant you caught your cousins' friend's band at Metal's Edge on South Broadway opening up for Agnostic Front.

Back then, no one wanted to be an independent artist. The idea was to record something, get it put out on cassette or CD and get picked up by an indie label and then a major. The final goal was to be invited to the blow parties with the A&R men as you were handed a gold record.

Well, we've come a long way, baby.

Miss Mec
In 1995, I had less than ten indie albums. In 2015, I probably have at least 200. Some of my favorite artists are independent of all labels and still put out top quality rock, metal, nerdcore hip hop, and more. They do this on CD, digital, and even vinyl.

The indie route is no longer for those who were too weird to convince the labels.

Today, we're taking close listen to Miss Mec's EP, So Damn True.

From New Orleans, Miss Mec and her band play a vintage style of rock, jazz, with a bit of Pulp Fiction soundtrack thrown in for good measure.

If I had to choose a genre of music for So Damn True, I suppose I'd shoe horn it into vocal pop.

The sultry vocals are the backbone of these songs, but a hockey player consisting of only a spine won't score many goals.

The guitars are full of that long sought after, often replicated, never duplicated, vintage sound. There are times when the punishing rhythms will pick up your feet and stomp them, not just tapping your foot, but jumping up and crushing your foot like you're trying to break the ice on your driveway. (Hey, winter is coming.)

Miss Mec serves up electrified depression era tunes with melodic, poppy, and crunch guitars. The fives songs on this EP are a journey through moods.

This is the album ZZ Ward wished she could have made.

Release: 12/05/15
Genre: Vocal Pop
Label: DIY
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