Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Album Review: "Malady" by Malady

One of the reasons I started this blog oh so long ago now, was because I no longer would allow myself to be closed off from new music.

In the three plus years of Glacially Musical, we've done what I'm about to do probably at least 30 times....


Finland's Malady had a goal, they were going to write and record an album before the band members turned fifty. Well, a full score and 3 before reaching the half century mark, our new Finnish friends are releasing an album, this one.

When it comes to Finnish music, I think most of us are more familiar with bands like Children of Bodom and black metal in general, but Malady are quite far away from there.

This album was described to me as Finnish, quirky, and progressive.

Well, I would have to say that Malady have achieved all of those.

The opening track kicks off with some arpeggios played on an acoustic guitar followed up by some electric, and what I can only assume, are the most metaphorical and poetic lyrics ever to be sung....

in Finnish.

The ingredients are all coming together to create a simple, yet tasty soup.

Then the Hammond Organ starts up, and the drums kick in like a hurricane. We then prepare for the most metal crushing guitars...

That never come.

Back into more melody, beautiful vocals sung in Finnish, brittle sounding guitar solos. The picture is again new and wondrous. Then as time wears on, the fuzzy guitar solos kick in, the tide rises and we await the forthcoming clashing of metal...

That never comes.

Malady might be metal, but they can wait it out. Can you? Their self titled debut has everything. Literally everything.

Release: 11/13/15
Genre: Prog Rock
Label: Svart Records
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