Monday, November 16, 2015

Album Review: "The Tomb of All Things" by Un

The Tomb of All Things
Welcome to the world of the dying, Un.

Seattle, Washington's newest Funeral Doom Metal band is now releasing their debut album.

Another genre to talk about or to shake my fist angrily at the sky in defiance screaming we only need metal...but you know I'm  not going to do that.

In the past few years, there has been a fissure in the metal community. Until recently, metal has been focused on anger and rage. Dee Snider said as much when discussing why rap fans and metal fans don't have nearly the crossover they should.

But now, there's something else. Metal has found another negative emotion on which to base their songs. Sadness is just as powerful as the anger. Edgar Allen Poe knew this all too well....

Doom metal to me is the music that's largely influenced by Black Sabbath, but without singing about pot.

Funeral doom metal is similar, but focusing more on the melancholy as well as the macabre.

Un's shining debut is full of misery.

The sound brings forth pictures of a man walking in the snow, or returning home from war. He cannot move as quickly as could before. His speech is impeded by the cold and his words often come out wrong. When he speaks, his voice spirals and swirls.

Inside of his head though, it's perfectly lucid. He knows he has to make it home, but the road is long and fraught with dangers he cannot imagine.

Full of top flight musicality, long ringing chords sprinkled with swirling vibrato, and drum beats sounding like footsepts, Un has written an album that will live on for many years.

This album would be excellent for a band that found itself ten years ago, but for a band's debut, it's a stellar effort that the band will struggle to top.

Release: 12/04/15
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Label: Black Bow Records
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