Thursday, January 18, 2018

Annihilation's Fabio Is Worldly and Wise

Annihilation was nice enough to drop in on us with an absolute bomb of an album, The Undivided Wholeness of All Things, it was the first time in a little while than somebody was able to rip me out of the Doom/Stoner/Sludge rut I've been ever so happy to live in.

They play The Brutal Death metal, which honestly, isn't among my personal favorite metal sub-genres, because the arms race can get in the way of the song. Thankfully this wasn't the case with our Portuguese friends.

They were able to slam us in the face with sledgehammers and we could tap our feet to the ditties.

In our continuing series that has no name to speak of, Annihilation's Fabio tells us about his music listening habits....

1. The first album I ever owned was? 

It´s kind of hard to remember, but I guess it was Appetite For Destruction from Guns N Roses. Well to be honest I owned all of Guns N Roses albums, live albums, videotapes.

I was a big fan of the band when i was a kid.

2. My favorite album of all time is.... 

That´s difficult to choose but i would go for Symbolic from Death. This band influenced so many generations, bands, and after so many years it still continues to influence. 

To me, Chuck was a visionary and way ahead for his time.  

3. The album with the best art is...

I would choose The Violent Sleep Of Reason by Meshuggah. 

The artwork was made by Luminokaya, they also did the artwork for the Koloss album, and I´m a big fan of Luminokaya artwork and not just the stuff they did for Meshuggah.

4. My favorite heavy metal album of all time is... 

From Wisdom To Hate from Gorguts. 

Gorguts is to me one of my favorite bands and From Wisdom To Hate is that album that has been on my playlist since i can recall. I never get tired of listening to this album!

5. My favorite album of all time (Any genre is) 

Well I guess have already responded to that question but her it goes again, Symbolic from Death is my choice!

6. My favorite live album of all time is... 

Unplugged from Alice In Chains. 

Another band that marked me during my childhood years, it was kind of sad to watch how Layne Staley faded away due to his heroin addiction throughout the years. 

I´ve chosen this particular live album as my favourite because of the struggle he had to made to be able to sing all the songs during the entire show (he was completely wasted) but still he was able to pull it of. 

I´ve watched that video numerous times and I still watch it from time to time these days, also an album that has been on my playlist for years.

7. My favorite album format is..... 

I choose Flac format. 

I´ve stopped listening to CD´s for along time now, and FLAC format is better for those, like me, who have a long playlist and prefer to listen to music on a portable audio device. 

I´m an Audiophile and I have a Sony NW-WM1A with 256gb full of music all in Flac format.

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