Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Video: "Plague Your Heart" by Harker

As a young boy, one of my questions was will the year 2000 seem so futuristic? My mother said it won't seem like it then, but it'll be much different than it is now...oh shit...that was 17 years ago...but anyway, what makes this modern era great the YouTube.

But the issue is that there's so much stuff on there. So let me sort it out and help you nerds find a band that loves the same nerdy crap we all love.

Here we've got Harker. These young chaps have a great love of all things anime it appears...Cowboy Bebop, Ponyo, and several other properties make appearances.

When did the English learn about Japan??? So, anyway, pour some tea and check out this cool black and white video. Talk to them about anime on Facebook.

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