Friday, January 12, 2018

LP Review: "När Isarna Sjunger" by Oblivious

När Isarna Sjunger
It's time to move past the paltry notions we have about language.

It's time to ignore that Bill Skarsgård said that most younger Swedes can speak English as well as Swedish.

Skarsgård also really made me want to visit Sweden more than I originally had wanted to. He made it seem like I wouldn't be killed in the fjords, but who knows what's accurate.

Before digging into När Isarna Sjunger, by Oblivious, consider that there are scores of thousands of millions of fans of American and English bands who don't speak English.

So, put yourself into the mode that music is the universal language and that the spoken word is a truly inelegant thing that barely can convey that snow is cold. Now that you're ready...let's dig in.

The Swedes have really gotten into classic 70's rock and blues in recent years.

Oblivious could play don't know.
There have been so many of them that it begs the question...when did Sweden perfect time travel?

Because there's really no other answer.

Well, let's be honest, Oblivious isn't exactly a carbon copy of Led Zeppelin II or Machine Head.

The biggest difference between När Isarna Sjunger and those records, apart from the obvious, is that these songs are dancey.

There's a rolling bounce to them that will get toes tappin' and hips swaying. It would have to be that ABBA influence, am I right?

So, starting now, we're going to call this Swedish Neo Classic Rock, but like the MacKenzie Brothers said, there should be more there.

Now, at least one of you, yes that one in the back, is can I enjoy music in another language? It's true, there's not a single syllable, apart from the yeah's, that makes sense to me other than musical notes.

Of course, when a guitar plays there aren't any words either. Just musical notes.... (also, Peter Frampton didn't make his guitar talk. He talked through the guitar...big difference.)

Lyrics aren't what conveys a song to me as it is. I mean, flies in the vasoline we are, sometimes it blows my mind...seriously or the song Oli Oli Oxen Free by The Suede Chain where they just repeat jump rope chants....

The feeling and the mood of a song is in the fingers and the notes. That's all I need.

The Sign has unleashed another great band of Swedes on us.

Release: 2/8/18
Genre: Neo Traditional Swedish Classic Rock
Label: The Sign Records

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