Monday, January 29, 2018

LP Review: "Fragments of a Ruined Mind" by TERRA INCΩGNITA

Fragments of a Ruined Mind
Last night, after leaving the big beer store, I sent off a picture of what I'd purchased.

It was a 12 pack of Schlafly Pale Ale which happens to be one of my best friend's favorite beers.

A little picture was snapped and sent off with the text, when you just want to see your best friend....

Now, it's not like it's been weeks, but that's a funny text...right? There are times when you just haven't somebody for a time and then when you's time to relish everything there was in the past and there will be in the future.

With that being said, let's give a big, warm hug to TERRA INCΩGNITA. It's been only about a minute since they wowed us with Sign With Blood and it's awesome to see them again!

Honestly, this CD has been sitting on my desk for about three weeks. Every so often, it would be spun in the time when we preview LPs for review.

Don't take that to mean that it just wasn't good enough for a write up on these pages, but just that we were waiting for it to hook us.

Real life can influence things deeply Like how were the hours ahead of this spin? Did something seriously piss me off last night?

And the big my OCD/Anxiety hitting me so hard that nothing will be able to take root?  Our Greek friends fell victim to every single one of those things. So, that's why it's taken so long to get this one up.

Fragments of a Ruined Mind picks up right where Sign With Blood left off. They're still a big, progressive metal band, but this time around, they had some more time to spread their wings.

When a band goes from an EP to an LP, a little stagnation can be expected and excused, but TERRA INCΩGNITA doesn't appear to believe that.

There's more instrumentation. The guitar solos have gotten ballsier and the writing is continuing on the upward path.

Head to your backyard right now and plant a copy of Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast and then water it with Metallica and you'll grow this record...or you could  just buy it.

Release: 11/24/17
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Symmetric Records

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