Thursday, January 25, 2018

Formatting With Archons

We were lucky to be able to review the Archons recently. Their LP, Lords of Light and Thunder was just killer.

Here they are to give us the lowdown on their favorite records and how the listen. 

Check it out!

1. The first album I ever owned was? 


Scott - Billy Idol, Rebel Yell. I took the bus into bustling downtown Iowa City, Iowa and purchased the record with my own hard earned money. 

Jeff - The first record I owned was a 7" given to me by my brother. Grand Funk Railroad's "Do the Loco-Motion" b/w "Destitute and Losin'"

This no doubt set a tone for the rest of my formative years. The first album I owned was also given to me by brother- 'Destroyer' by KISS. Big time. 

2. My favorite album of all time is.... 


Scott - That’s a puzzler- so many good records and it all depends on my mood, and probably changes every few years.

Right now I will say Frank Zappa “Waka/Jawaka”, but it’s also been many Melvins records, all of the Voivod records, a Helios Creed record or two, some Sonic Youths, a few Alice Coopers and Deep Purple records with some Bowie and Sabbath albums sprinkled over the top. 

Jeff - 'Daydream Nation' by Sonic Youth. That album has everything you want; it's loud and smoldering, cool and esoteric, totally rocking. All at the same time. Everything shimmers. 

3. The album with the best art is... 


Scott - Cream “Disraeli Gears”

Jeff - 'The Outer Limits' by Voivod. Away's art in 3-D panels for each epic tune. Comes with the glasses, too. Just the coolest band. 

4. My favorite heavy metal album of all time is... 


Scott - I hate being tasked with picking just ONE - I'll pick Sepultura “Against."

Don’t fry me because it’s not the original line-up, I just think it’s super creative and recorded exceptionally well.

I’ve got a lot of great memories from when it first came out, such as getting tattooed while it was on in a shop and having it echo through my head one particularly ‘fungal’ evening. 

Jeff - Probably go with Voivod here again. 

I still enjoy listening to all of their stuff, new and old. Such a creative and talented group of people. 'Dimension Hatröss' really reaches their early pinnacle of sleek future-metal.

 Then you put on an album like "Nothingface' and think wow, this is really beautiful, weird and heavy stuff too- it has a wonderful cyborg aesthetic. 'Nothingface' is a real barn-burner. Or in this case, a real dome-melter. 

5. My favorite album of all time (any genre is) 


Scott - Sonic Youth “Daydream Nation”. This album had a lot to do with me hearing things differently and thinking outside of the norm as far as how traditional vs non-traditional rock recordings sound. 

Jeff - I listen to the soundtrack for the film 'Paint Your Wagon' quite a bit. Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin...singing. ZZ Top's 'Tejas' is a powerful blend of mood, tone and execution. A perfect record.

6. My favorite live album of all time is... 


Scott- We have an entertaining live recording from a show we did in Chad and my hometown of Iowa City on Chad’s Birthday- there was some funny stage banter.

 But as far as a REAL ‘live’ record goes, I love side A of ZZ Top’s “Fandango”. 

Jeff - "Big World by Joe Jackson is a stunning display of musical artistry performed live. Talking Heads' 'Stop Making Sense' is a triumph 

7. My favorite album format is..... 


Scott - I’m partial to 10” records. Flexi-Discs ripped from the middle of a rock and roll magazine are also a genius idea, even if they sound like crap!  (ed note:....  uh wut?)

Jeff - The Long Play. Love hearing that needle drop....

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