Wednesday, January 24, 2018

LP Review: "Madness Is Too Pure" by MaidaVale

Madness Is Too Pure
Years ago, when St. Louis was soaked in both kinds of beer, Budweiser and Bud Light, some friends and I were into craft beer.

In the Fall, there was The Microfest that benefited Lift For Life Gym and we always attended. My first year, they had a Fosters booth.

Now, this was back in my 20's and we could drink back then. By the time we hit up that table, we were all gassed and passed and sassed. I took a sip, and spat it out.

Then I realized...did I really hate this beer that much, or was I just being funny? Another sip of this foul liquid was imbibed.

Shockingly, it was just that bad and again, it was spat out onto the cold cold concrete as the wailing cover band played Stevie Ray Vaughan's Pride and Joy....

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Interestingly enough, years later, I can enjoy an oil can of Fosters.


Like that second draught of Fosters, today, it's our second look at Sweden's MaidaVale. The second album is always sketchy.

Is the band really that good? Did they find themselves on the second one?

Or...the jinx...did they overthink their approach and come out of the gate with a sprained ankle?

After two records, and I just listened to my vinyl copy of their debut this week interestingly enough, I think we're never going to see the Swedish Time Lords morph into something else. There's never going to be a Metallica like evolution, but it also appears we're never going to have to endure an AC/DC styled stagnation.

Clarification: Madness Is Too Pure isn't Tales of the Wicked West revisted, but it's not a stylistic change. More often than not, a band has their first two albums already written when they're signed, so not a surprise.

But, it would appear that an extra couple of years has given the current release a bit more seasoning on the steak.

Their wheels are still round, but they seem to roll better on this ride around the block. MaidaVale has easily kept my interest this go and it's time to go ahead and get that vinyl pre-ordered.

Release: 3/23/18
Genre: Psych Rock
Label: The Sign Records

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