Friday, January 5, 2018

Split EP Review: "Split" by Into the Storm and Smooth Sailing

At this very moment, the final strains of the first side of this EP are ringing and my ramen is getting cold enough to eat without slurping, as I never learned how to do that properly.

(Ramen is a personal choice and I love it! So come at me.)

Plans were made to take a break and begin writing furiously, they failed.

Then there's that holiday break that you don't want to know about. Let's just say, no matter how much you might want to be me (as if there was one person that could say it...), you'd be totally pitying me after this past two weeks.

In fact, my life has been so unreal lately that only a terrible writer for Full House could've dreamed this up.

So what do you do when shit hits the fan and there's nothing left to do but laugh at your own misfortune and wait for the knot on the back of your head to stop hurting? You invite some old friends over and just rock the fuck out.

You may recall Into the Storm  from one of our early vinyl reviews. They're a pretty kick ass stoner/doom/desert/dessert metal band that had a tale of Merfalos that I'm still trying to figure out.

Well, they've got a new split coming out and that was the mana for my tired bones. They've still got the hard driving sound that made me fall in love with them back in 2016.

They're starting to seem like Pennywise the Clown, they only show up around times of tragedy. OK, so, only terrible things have to happen before they'll drop a track or six, ok, fine.

Bring it on world because they just continue to be awesome in their own strange way.

When they showed up and put that sixer in the fridge, they looked over like John Cleese and said, I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of inviting some friends over.

Those friends are Smooth Sailing.

Check out their song titles like Stevie Ray Oiye or Hey Girl Egg Roll Dave Grohl if you need a spot of whimsy in your life.

The big difference twixt sides on and two, aside from the song titles, is the length of the tracks. These two groups are clearly soul mates.

There's only one thing left for them to up like The Avengers or the Tedeschi Trucks Band. If they did, their music would be strong enough to lift Mitch Hedberg from the grave.

Until then, we'll just have to listen to The urRu and the Skeksis separately until the Great Conjunction happens.

Release: 3/23/18
Genre: Vaguely Doomish Metal
Label: DIY
Into the Storm Facebook
Smooth Sailing Facebook

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