Wednesday, August 8, 2018

1 Up with Mega Ran

MEga Ran
It was in the middle of my state, in Columbia, MO that I first laid eyes on Random aka Mega Ran.

Over the years, his usage of multiple monikers hasn't made it as easy to keep up with him, but for those of us that have, we've been rewarded.

Anyone who's seen any of his album covers, videos, etc, will know that he's probably the best person to kick off the new Glacially Musical Column on video games.

His catalog will reveal a love for Capcom, which is one I share as well, but he's a Megaman guy and I'm a Dungeons and Dragons guy.

The nerdcore hip-hop stalwart has a new album coming out that he's made in collaboration with MC Lars called The Dewey Decibel System and you can order that HERE.

Glacially Musical: My first system was a pong clone, the yellow and black Odessey 300. What was your first Console? 

My first was Atari 2600. I played Pac Man and Yars Revenge all night.

GM: My stepdad was certain we'd destroy the TV playing Pong so we had to play it in secret, either when he was a sleep or when he was out of the house. Did you have to jump through any hoops to play games? 

Oh yeah, I'd sneak and hook up my NES when my mom or aunt fell asleep. And since the games didn't have save slots back then, we would put books in front of the NES power button so no one could see that they were on, while we went to school.

GM: What about hand held games? Is that something you ever got into? 

Yes, loved the Game Boy - later got into the 3DS heavy and I take my Switch everywhere I go these days.

GM: The idea of not being able to play something drove me nuts, so I started playing games in their original Japanese. Did you ever get into imports? 

A little, mostly wrestling games. I'd import them and then stare at GameFAQs sheets to navigate the menus.

GM: What's your favorite sports game? 

Tecmo Super Bowl, no doubt. We had some classic wars in that game on my block.

GM: Dragon Warrior got me hooked on turn based RPGs, something that's still happening. What's your favorite style of game and what was the first one you played? 

They're still great, you gotta play Octopath Traveler! I think my favorite style of game is Metroidvania, love the exploration stuff.

GM: Favorite system? 

Of all time? Super NES, no doubt. Greatest game lineup of all time. Dreamcast is #2 for me.

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