Friday, August 24, 2018

Foods We Love with Anne Deming

Anne Deming
Right now, this part of the article is for all of my international readers. Dear Fellow Americans, go ahead and check out for a min and drink one of those delicious American IPAs while I talk to Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Sorry Canada, you're America's Hat and Mexico, you're part of NAFTA too, and besides, have you been to the Yucatan lately?

It's damned American there... Which is why we're going to Puerto Vallarta next time..

So, there are two parts of this nation that have been trying ever so hard to be a part of Canada. No hate from on that one. Nationalized Healthcare, more hockey than you can shake a goalie stick at, Justin Trudeau, Curtis Dewar, and Molson Export. Hey, I'm down, but based on my time in Canada, The Twin Cities of Minnesota, and Buffalo...

Buffalo wins this fight, but Anne Deming is from the Twin Cities. We'll call it Lower Canada Minor. She's a blues/Americana artist looking to spread the words out there.

You can check out her latest single HERE. In the meantime, let's continue with the series of my combining my love of food with this site...

1. For me, lunch is usually the meal where I don't have to deal with the Napoleon of Food. So it's my favorite meal. What's your best meal of the day?

ANNE: Mid morning. I only have fruit when I wake up so mid morning I make a giant egg omelet with fresh avocado and hot sauce. I look forward to it every day.

2. What's your most important meal of the day?

ANNE: dinner, because it is always something different. Take out, experimenting in the kitchen or enjoying dinner out anywhere in Hudson or the Twin Cities. There is an endless variety of good food here.

3. In St. Louis have a local delicacy called the slinger. What's your hometown's delicacy? We prefer this to be an expose...tell us what only the locals know.

ANNE: I've had a slinger and it's delicious! But in Hudson, the best treat is a breakfast pizza from Kozy Korner. It's extraordinary and unique. 

4. Breakfast. When I'm not taking down a slinger, it's all about bacon and breakfast potatoes/hash browns in my house. What about you?

ANNE: I love good, strong coffee (my husband has referred to my coffee as more puree than brew due to it's consistency) And we have bacon in the house at all times. There is a local place called RJ's that makes Jalapeno bacon & it improves damn near every meal. Yes to hash browns - love 'em - but only if they are diner style crispy. 

5. I like my coffee cold and my tea with milk in it. What's your preferred caffeine delivery device?

ANNE: Coffee is good in every form. Iced, hot, lattes, americanos, espresso, cortada - in dessert or sauces.  I could go on...

6. I've largely stopped drinking soda, because I could use those calories for beer. Where are you at here?

ANNE: never liked soda. It burns my throat. With turbulence on a plane though, a diet coke to sip usually settles my stomach. Weird but true.

7. Best beer/spirit/whatever?

ANNE: I might have the Wisconsin State Patrol at my door for saying this but I can't stand beer. I like the smell of some bourbon ales but I do not like the taste at all. Never have. Whiskey (preferably Irish) all the way.

8. I'm a Philistine when it comes to pairings. I just drink what I want with my food. What about you?

ANNE: Exactly. Drink what makes you happy. Chocolate milk with steak? - go for it. Tequila with finger sandwiches when it should be afternoon tea? - you are my hero. Wine in the morning? - my grandfather used to say 'it's noon somewhere!' All things in moderation so that you can still enjoy and call them special :)

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