Thursday, August 9, 2018

5 Minute Origin Story with Hessian

Hessian hales from Portland, ME.

The only other artist that springs to mind from that part of these United States would be Spose. He typically rocks a Portland Pirates hat on stage.

Hessian though, they're about as far away from Spose as one could possibly be. 

Their latest album, Mercenary Retrograde. will be released on September 14, 2018 through the Urtod Void imprint.

It's been five years since their last release got the world shaking, and their Thin Lizzy meets Danzig approach to Heavy Metal and Roll ought get some more fans butts shakin' in the seats while they worship the devil and take shots with the Crystal Skull.

Before you jump over to Bandcamp to get your fix...find our more about how the band came to be.

1. Is there an event you can point to you that made you say, wow, that's the instrument I want to play? Not like guitar or drums, but the reason why you play the model you do?

The guitar I play is custom Vee made for me by Dallas Seger, a guitar maker in Bangor, Maine. 

It is basically a 50's Les Paul smashed into a Vee shape. It is the prince of guitars.

2. How do you write a song?

Very carefully.

3. How many concept records do you own? Could you ever write one?

Hard to say how many I own, as I have no intention of counting them, but lets say many. I am more comfortable in the realm of the quasi-concept album, where there is a strong theme but not necessarily continuity between the songs, like Iron Maiden generally does. 

As for a King Diamond style concept album, I think I'd rather not.

4. Who's influence is most evident in your music? The least?

Often there is mention of Thin Lizzy or BOC, both of which are definite influences. Less obvious might be Arthur Brown, whose spirit influences everything we do.

5. Which one of your songs is the one your the most proud of?

Of all time I can't say, my relationship to past material shifts a lot over time, but of the new batch I think I Wish I Was Dead is my favorite. 

6. Sum up your latest record for us. 

Thanaterotic Heavy Metal Rock 'N' Roll.

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