Wednesday, August 1, 2018

LP Review: "Fringe" by Lurk

There is just a time and a place for soul crushing doom metal.

That time is anytime. That place is any god damned place that has speakers. In previous epochs, doom metal, atmospheric metal, and avant garde metal would've been of little interest to me.

But over the years the avant garde metal set has largely coagulated into the doom metal sub-genre.

Lurk, for my money, has all of the hallmarks of what makes this music great. It's not just heavy, but dense. It's not just varied, but Lurk are likely suffering from multiple personality disorder.

Any fool with a guitar can go out and make an atmospheric doom metal record, but it takes a forward thinking band who's not sure if they're instrumental or not, to make a truly captivating doom album.

That's what Lurk have done...once they set their hooks in, you'll likely never leave the fringe again.

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