Monday, August 6, 2018

5 Minute Origin Stories With Tongue Eating Louse

Tongue Eating LOuse
So, up there in the Fabled Canadas exist a band called Tongue Eating Louse.

Founded in 2013, the Ottawa based quartet is prepping their debut release on Sludgelord Records, Voidwalker, which can be preordered HERE.

This two track blackened sludgestravaganza will have you dripping with sweat and glistening with contentment.

Ask them all about that on FACEBOOK.

In the meantime, let's get to know more about the fellas and what makes them tick....

1. Is there an event you can point to you that made you say, wow, that's the instrument I want to play? Not like guitar or drums, but the reason why you play the model you do?

Rob: As a young guitarist, seeing so many classic rock icons using the traditional Les Paul/Marshall combo, I didn’t give it much thought over it’s and old guitar for classic music. but when I first heard the heavy, mids-y sound in Black Label Society, it convinced me that classic, proven designs like the Les Paul give you everything you need to play fast leads or crushing rhythm with a modern metal sound

2. How do you write a song?

Beau:  The song writing process for us has been constantly changing over the years. We started out just three guys in a room trying to make songs and playing off each other which was great for the time but still very unfocused. 

When we went on a brief year long hiatus I wrote a fair amount of the Voidwalker album and showed the rest of the band. We pretty much spent the next 2-3 years fine tuning the songs and getting everything in order to get this release made.

3. How many concept records do you own? Could you ever write one?

Nick: How many concept records do I own? Exactly five. I own five copies of Pink Floyd’s The Wall in various formats because people I know keep dying and leaving me exactly one copy of that album. 

I owned two copies of that album beforehand, so how many people died?

I have written one concept album, it was for my Coffee-maker fronted Grindcore band Grinder. The album was released in four segments over a month and ended with the coffee maker taking my life and starting a noise band. 

Which, in retrospect was probably a good move for him.

John: Absolutely, I'm really into writing lyrics with themes and taking it a step further as to creating and following a concept for an album is something I most certainly would be interested in writing.

There's something about writing and trying to stick to creating a specific atmosphere that I find concept records are most suited for achieving - definitely something to aim for in the future

4. Who's influence is most evident in your music? The least?

Beau: I’d like to think our biggest influence for our music would be Black Sheep Wall. Everything that band has done throughout their career is gold.Indian, Bastions and Birds In Row are other bands that had a heavy influence on our sound, each with their own level of emotive soundscapes and sheer aggressiveness.

5. Which one of your songs is the one your the most proud of?

Nick: Probably L’appel du Vide, just ‘cause it’s so fun to play. I hardly notice 17 mins has passed when we finish playing it.

6. Sum up your latest record for us. 

John: Depth.

Voidwalker to me was about covering depth in lyric, in writing - structure wise and in sound. It was about picturing this fleeting place, traversing bleak hollow plains. 

For instance, L'appel Du Vide, to me it was envisioning depth and traversing death; I think that the nature of having Voidwalker kept to longer songs helped support this imaginative depth, helped bring to life the lyrics, vocals and bring it all together into what it is

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