Monday, September 28, 2015

Album Review: "Come Back Shane" by Samson the Truest

Come Back Shane
Today we're reviewing the new album by Samson the Truest out of New York City, by way of Boston (originally).

It is an interesting choice of moniker for our new hero.

It's seemingly rare when an artist chooses a Biblical name for their creation. How many times has that really happened?

Well perhaps I'm enjoying far too much heavy metal where Biblical heroes' names aren't typically chosen...

 It creates an interesting symbolism, at least in my mind. It certainly made me take notice of him.

But all in all, the artist's name is seemingly meaningless, and I mean "the artist" in the general sense. I mean, Kiss isn't exactly a great  name and Megadeth isn't even spelled right, or even a word....

Samson the Truest
Come Back Shane starts of with very easy going acoustic guitar and then is joined in by soft tenor vocals.

It's not long before the emotional lead guitars fill the music up.

Even with the pianos, the synthesizers, and drums, this music feels wide open.

The songs breathe and bend.

The music is the perfect vehicle for Samson the Truest's vocals. His soft tenor is the perfect compliment to the airy tunes.

Being who I am, what really captured my ear was the lead guitar work. It's never overdone and it always accompanies the song. Very rarely do the electric guitars play any rhythm, but delightful melodies underneath.

This is an emotional rock album that never disappoints.

Release: 10/02/15
Genre: Rock
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